Sticky Content: 3 Principles of Clarity to Make Matt Cutts Happy

Highly technical content has long presented a unique problem for bloggers and marketers. After all, how can you comprehensively explain a relatively difficult concept without alienating 90 percent of your audience? Perhaps even more importantly, how do you enable said content to gain the elusive “sticky” quality that so often determines whether your audience clicks through or bounces?

Google’s resident spam-killer, Matt Cutts, recently addressed this issue in his video series for webmasters. And because Google is the search engine to keep happy, it’s probably in every marketer’s interest to keep Cutts happy as well. To this end, you can watch the video here:

As you can probably see, much of what he says falls under the old tried-and-true “KISS” paradigm, and the title itself — “Should I focus on clarity or jargon when writing content?” — is clearly a loaded question. However, the video also offers a few valuable insights into simplifying and clarifying your content for a wider audience. Apply these principles and, with any luck, you’ll be able to transform your technical content into something that’s both understandable and that has viral potential.

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3 Growth Hacking Techniques that Could Be Pissing Off Your Customers

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There’s no shortage of ridiculous, seemingly meaningless phrases that get casually tossed around in the marketing world. These terms include some mind-spinning monikers like “Internet marketing ninja,” “SEO rock star,” and “social media guru.” I would argue, however, that “growth hacker” really isn’t one of them.

The growth hacker is a particular type of marketer with a very specific set of challenges. Their domain, for the most part, is the start-up. They work with almost zero budget and resources, and their task is to obtain maximum exposure for their brand.

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Consumer Warning: AT&T Phone Replacement Bait & Switch Fraud

ATRIX is on the left, Captivate on the right: The image really speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

By Eddie Childs

For some reason unbeknownst to even the wisest and wrinkliest of gray-bearded sages, I’m a long-time AT&T phone user. I’ve been with these scam-artists so long, in fact, that the letterhead on my bills also has respectively read “Bellsouth” and “Cingular” during my more than 10-year stint as a customer of this wretched telecomm. However, I recently had an experience with AT&T and its minion insurance company, Asurion, that was so unbelievable, I’ll be taking my business elsewhere. Continue reading Consumer Warning: AT&T Phone Replacement Bait & Switch Fraud

A Homegrown Initiative: Starkville’s Field-to-Table Movement

By Eddie Childs

For many cities and townships, the farmer’s market is a place where food growers and artisans gather to vend wares, and restaurateurs and residents alike buy fresh produce. As a basic economic building block, these markets play so many roles in a community’s vitality; indeed, a vibrant township would be practically inconceivable
without one.

“[Farmers’ markets are] really the backbone of any community,” says chef and restaurateur Ty Thames of Restaurant Tyler. “And anything supporting them is beneficial to the area economy. I also believe [the produce sold there is] definitely the freshest possible because there’s no transit time; it’s coming right from the growers, so you lose less nutrients than you would transporting it.”

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Storage Battles: When storage units go into default in the ATL…

By Eddie Childs

A flurry of sparks flies, and a padlock is cut loose with a handheld circular saw. The locker’s rolling steel door thunders upward, and the group of bidders collected outside crowds closer, peering hopefully into the darkness. It’s a scene with all the trappings and theatrical value of a syndicated Geraldo Rivera special — except it happens over and over again, and each time, there exists a chance that Al Capone’s vault could be stocked with proverbial gold.

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Tesla’s Brickmobile: Holy depleted batteries!


By Eddie Childs

Tesla’s response in its company blog last Friday to the so-called “bricking” controversy — whereby the company’s earlier Roadsters become inert “bricks” upon complete battery discharge — undoubtedly contained some compelling points, even if said response seems to lay most of the blame with owners and not with the car’s design.

It stated that, in exchange for not having to worry about gasoline or oil changes, the only trade-off is that the company asks that its customers keep the car charged.  It went further to say that if one were to drive their car without changing the oil, for instance, that you’d have to replace the engine as a result.

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Protecting Yourself from Bad Business Practices

By Eddie Childs

Like so many other small businesses these days, Cynthia’s company has been struggling. Even worse, the numbers haven’t been adding up lately, and a large amount of money seems to be missing. In fact, she has begun to suspect someone might even be stealing from her, but who? Surely it couldn’t be trusty Angela in accounts payable, could it? The woman is so dedicated to her job that she hasn’t taken a vacation in almost two years! It could all just be a mistake, right?

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